I’m a self-motivated, enthusiastic and multi-skilled filmmaker that loves storytelling.

With a background in drama, recon, entertainment and commercials, recent years have led me to direct extensive true crime biographies and criminal cases; from German, American and English serial killers, stalkers, rapists, and undercover police, to courtroom sentencing. I’ve also written and drama-directed notable WWII historical battles and the stories leading up to them, cajoling engaging performances from actors, and accomplishing elaborate stunts, SFX and CGI.

I’ve also directed PSC crewed shoots in USA, Canada, Australia, Russia and many other locations including Europe and the UK. Other genres include multi-camera entertainment and current affairs; live and as-for-live in broadcast studios, through to self-shooting on smaller documentaries with FS7, C300, F800 cameras with primes, jibs, sliders, sound and lighting.

I started in the TV industry over 25 years ago as an editor and spliced together many primetime programmes across entertainment, documentaries, current affairs and sport – which have been useful skills to gain as a director to ensure what I’ve shot, elegantly dovetails together!

As a team player, I’m comfortable to cover all or just selected roles from script to shoot to edit.

I also coach up-and-coming talent at some of the UKs most prestigious universities and colleges at BA and MA level, which interestingly, helps me re-focus and learn more about my own skill-sets.

My ultimate aim is to work more with actors crafting engaging television drama.

On a personal note: I’m a full voting member of BAFTA, which means I have a happy duty to try and watch everything TV and movie wise, which of course I studiously attempt to do. It’s a big ask, but it’s also an honour, and during film season I have the excuse of being a cinephile!

Being fairly adept in the DiY and building project management department, I have also been restoring and extending a small Victorian town house. However, you can have too much of a good thing and welcome the comparative sanity of the TV industry!

Locked video examples and references on request.

Selected certificates:

BBC Safeguarding Trust Certificates x 4
BBC Safe Management of Productions
Endemol Shine Anti Corruption.
PADI Open water diving