Action drama

Action drama on a shoestring.

Three series chronicling the bravest of British police. Featuring a plentiful supply of swearing and some “police participation” resulting in a number of anomalies that made the sequences occasionally creak – however – the experiences and knowledge gained were invaluable for future productions. After all, not many get to play with so many toys away from the classroom, or without damaging mainstream productions!

SFX areas filmed – all performed under full heath and safety control:

  • Explosions
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Fire and smoke generation
  • Sea waves manufacture
  • Thunderstorms and rain construction
  • Fighting: Machete and sword attacks, hitting, slapping, stabbing
  • Safe falling
  • Jumping from heights and road bridges
  • Underwater filming, swimming inside a car
  • Car crashes, deliberate smashes, ramming, hand brake turns.
  • Car chases
  • People chases
  • Police dog handling: attacking and tracking
  • Police street control
  • Gang warfare
  • Gun control: loading, firing, jamming, using as a cosh
  • Petrol bombs
  • Glass smashing: windows and bottles
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