Courtroom dramas: You Be The Judge

Edited highlights drawn from four programmes concerning the sentencing of a true case covering murder, manslaughter, juvenile robbery and possession with intent to supply drugs.

Writer and director.

Research shows that the public believes Judges pass sentences that are too lenient, but strangely enough, when the same public sees the evidence the Judges were presented with, become more lenient than the Judges.

Four cases drawn from true stories were dramatized in order to accurately show the judicial process and information that judges are presented with. Each case was presented as an on-line video, in a quiz format whereby the audience has a chance to actually preside over the final judgment.

Sentences were sought for acts of murder, manslaughter (one-punch manslaughter), possession of drugs with intent to distribute, and juvenile robbery, Each subject showed the action reconstruction as to what led up to each crime being committed too.


Alexandra Boyd, Alistair Scott, Bhasker Patel, Dean Williamson, Edward Marsden, Emma Pring, Gareth Turkington, John Canmore, Liz Jadav, Matthew Mellalieu, Michael Snelders, Penelope McGhie, Peter McCrohon, Richard Saunders, Sakuntala Ramanee, Sandy Hendrickse , Sanjiv Hayre, Sherry Baines and Tracy Brabin.

Self shot drama re-enactments on Panasonic HPX250.

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