When I’m not under contract I’m often coming up with television programme ideas and developing them into treatments, along with writing drama for film, television and radio.

Some sample log lines for speculative movie scripts:

An absentee father reunites with his daughter only to witness her death and her transference to the afterlife. But there’s only one way he can bring her back.

Comedy / Caper
A jailed art thief agrees to a revolutionary new medical procedure to secure freedom while planning the world’s biggest heist – but discovers a much bigger goal.

A lonesome Irish farmer is matched to a Russian beauty that turns on him by creating a sex shop.

Foreign medical surgeons target the UK to save a mobster.

Graphic novel trailer

In an effort to get one horror movie financed I created a one page “graphic novel” trailer. Alas, it didn’t do any business and I re wrote it again anyway. But useful stills for business cards!

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