A brief selection of directed programmes.

2 x 46’ – Potato / ITV for REELZ, USA.
Drama  / documentary.
Dr. Michael Hunter analyses the official autopsy reports of two international renowned celebrities to determine their cause of death.

2 x 48’ – October Studios for Investigation Discovery.
Scripted dialogue drama / documentary.
True Crime. The dark underbelly of workplace evil, where rivalry romance and the abuse of power culminates in brutal slaying. How well do we really know our co-workers?

4 x 46’ – Darlow Smithson Productions for National Geographic.
Scripted full dialogue drama.
The story of America’s most important battles against the Japanese during World War Two.
Glossy period drama scenes featuring Emperor Hirohito and his heads of staff in The Japanese Imperial Palace, a vicious Banzai charge depicting 3500 people, the sinking of a destroyer ship under aerial attack, the battle of Pearl Harbor, ritual suicides, hand to hand combat, explosions, day-for-night, crowd replication, scene extensions, SFX and lots of CGI.

2 x 46’ – October Films for Investigation Discovery.
Scripted full dialogue drama / documentary.
True crime. After being threatened and stalked for 28 years by one woman, Marc got American stalker law changed to support men. Heather barely survived her ex boyfriend who shot her 7 times after being rejected for 7 months.

Scripted full dialogue drama.
3 x seasons.
True crime. Action drama showing what the bravest British coppers have to endure.
Featuring explosions, car chases, handbrake turns, fights, swords, stabbings, petrol bombs, shootings, underwater rescue and more.
The dramas included working with stunt co-ordinators, stunt actors, underwater DoP’s, SFX, pyrotechnics and CGI.

2 x 46’ – Skyvision for Crime & Investigation Network, USA.
Drama / documentary.
True crime. Simple mistakes lead to the discovery of two of Germany’s most notorious serial killers; Fritz Honka and Joachim Kroll.
Analysis, archive footage and drama.

Commissioned: Ministry of Justice. Script approval: The Lord Chief Justice.
Scripted full dialogue drama.
True crime. Four dramas exploring the sentencing of criminals after convictions of murder, one-punch manslaughter, drugs and juvenile crime.


Short form:

Scripted full dialogue drama.
Comedy from C4’s Bremner, Bird and Fortune ridiculing government policy.


Made in association with charity, Crisis.
Scripted full dialogue drama.
Based on a true story. After obtaining a postcode for their park bench, two homeless men become eligible for benefits.

Scripted full dialogue drama.
Patsy Palmer helms a story about a disillusioned urban woman who transforms a humble allotment into an unusual and uplifting escape.
Multi award winner including Soho Shorts and Greenwich Film Festival.

A CV of selected credits

This is a downloadable short CV of selected credits; from pre production, to shoot, to edit.