A compilation of self-shooting extracts. Mainly factual entertainment, with a smattering of drama, interviews and B-roll.

I tend to self-shoot on factual entertainment and some interviews and GVs/B-Roll etc, but on shoots that are a tad more involved with loads of actors, camera moves and detailed planning etc like drama, the most I do there is 2nd unit.

These short excerpts are from self-shooting on a holiday factual entertainment series, plus 2nd unit on a variety of drama shoots, while I’ve lit and recorded the interviews too.

Self-drive camera experience:

Sony: PDW-700, PDW-F800, EX1, EX3 (plus DigiBeta, DVCam & HDV)

Panasonic: HPX500, HPX300/301, HPX 250, HVX201.

Canon: XF305, 5DII, 7D

GoPro: HD Hero 1, 2 & 3

Olympus: i-speed Hi-Speed (up to 500fps)