Showreel 2015

Violence alert:

Including snippets from Obsession: Dark Desires series 2.

TX: Discovery ID, 2015.

Plus a selection from commercials, shorts and dramatised portrayals of the violence Britain’s police have to endure in their work.

Including pyrotechnics, explosions, fighting, stabbing, petrol bombs, bridge jumps, car crashes, attempted suicide, underwater filming and more.


Commercial: Wake Up To Warsaw (Salsa Club)
Self-shoot (Bluebells)
Short Film: Another Green World (hillside, children running)
Obsession Dark Desires: Marc (romance, phones)
Obsession Dark Desires: Heather (boxes, angry man, shooting)
Obsession Dark Desires: Marc (rape)
Short Film: Another Green World (Patsy Palmer)
Courtroom dramas
Doctors (BBC drama)
Killers – behind the myth: Joachim Kroll
Britain’s Bravest Copper (car in water)
Commercial: Game Stars Live (Two men on a sofa)
Britain’s Bravest Copper (London gangs, waves hitting woman)
Killers – behind the myth: Fritz Honka (man with moustache)
Britain’s Bravest Copper (Man spitting blood, fire rescue, bridge view, handbrake turns, crashing into windscreen, sweet shop, rolling over car bonnet)
Commercial: CD Warehouse (drum kit)
Britain’s Bravest Copper (exploding car)