Killers: Behind the Myth

Simple mistakes lead to the discovery of two of Germany’s most notorious serial killers; Fritz Honka and Joachim Kroll. Set in the mid 70’s, these are the disturbing life stories, told from the investigators’ points of view, aided by expert analysis, archive footage and reconstruction drama – which illuminate two very sick individuals.

Self shot all interviews on Sony XDcam F800. Ancillary footage on Panasonic HPX250. Plus lighting and sound.

Joachim Kroll: The Duisberg Cannibal

For over twenty years the sex-killer Joachim Kroll had been strangling women across northern Germany. He claimed an internal force drove him, picking on women alone in the countryside. Many are strangled with their own clothes. Then he molests them. As his killing spree increases, he starts to target younger and younger victims. But even this doesn’t satisfy. He kills and cooks a cat, which only drives his desire to taste human flesh. His demons overpower him into killing, dissecting and then eating a neighbours’ 4-year-old girl. But when he’s unable to dispose of the evidence, he’s picked up by the police. He’s charged with 12 murders but admits to 30, making him Germany’s most prolific killer in decades.

Fritz Honka: The Ripper of St Pauli

Fritz Honka quietly lived in Hamburg’s red light district of St Paulli, picking up elderly prostitutes for the price of a glass of schnapps and a bed for the night. His began to lose his temper when the women declined his sexual perversions. He retaliated by strangling his victims. Disposing of the bodies presented a problem until he came up with the idea of dismembering them and storing the body parts in the roof space next to his flat. Had a freak house fire not crept up the building to expose his collection he might never have been caught. He claimed he had been instructed by London’s Victorian Jack The Ripper to perform the murders. He was sectioned at a mental institute after being convicted of 1 murder and 4 manslaughters.

Production stills

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