“Huge household rating and very good Adult 25-54”
“[Episode name] did terrific in the A25-54 demo. Anyone else out there like that?”
US commissioner #1 feedback, 2021.

“Wow. Truly remarkable show. Great acting – excellent direction. Riveting ep.”
“REALLY nicely done. Was really wondering how you’d pull this off.  🙂 ”
US commissioner #2 feedback.

“Pick of the day”: ‘LA Times’ and ‘Guardian Newspapers’

Always loves a drama.

I’m a television a drama director (scripted) and a producer/director (unscripted) .

I have an unusual skillset: a creative edge, editorial judgement and tech-savvy. This has allowed me to create exciting action sequences, technically challenging scenes that create striking visual imagery that makes compelling editorial sense.

I love collaborating with actors and presenters to secure engaging and truthful performances, and have a vast range of genre experience from commercials to factual to drama.

I’ve extensively travelled and have directing crewed shoots across North America, UAE, Australia, Barbados, Russia and Europe.

Other genres include multi-camera entertainment and current affairs; live and as-for-live in broadcast studios, through to self-shooting on smaller documentaries with FS7, A7, C300, 5D, F800 cameras with primes, jibs, sliders, sound and lighting.

I started in the TV industry over 25 years ago as an editor and spliced together many primetime programmes across entertainment, factual, observational documentaries, current affairs and sport – useful skills to ensure what’s been shot elegantly dovetails together! As a result, I can self-edit on AVID and have recently edited 48’ drama/docs through to commission-winning sizzles for prime-time drama series.

I have also had the privilege to coach further education degree students at Ravensbourne University London, The MetFilm School London and Sheffield Hallam University at BA and/or MA level, across multi-camera drama directing and factual production.

Locked video examples of full programmes on request.


Now based in Gosforth, Newcastle and Leeds.


Two vaccinations, plus top-up, plus flu jab, and even endured Covid in March 2022 – so now with antibodies!


Peter [dot] chipping [at] gmail [dot] com


Resume (scripted) download

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Recent training:

Intimacy co-ordination workshop (Intro) – NFTS 2021

Leadership management training for HETV – Screenskills 2021

Coronavirus basic awareness on production training – ScreenSkills 2021

Working with under 18’s  – ScreenSkills 2020

Albert training  – BAFTA 2020

Fire Safety – ITV 2020

Anti Corruption – Endemol Shine & ITV 2020, 2018

BBC Safeguarding Trust – BBC Management

BBC Safe Management of Productions – BBC Management

Directing Actors – Directors UK

The Meisner Technique – The Actors Temple, London

Save The Cat – Blake Snyder

The Anatomy of Story – John Truby

Story – Robert McKee