I’m an experienced multi-skilled director from shoot to edit most recently in drama reconstruction, scripted drama and documentaries.

Tactful, diplomatic and meticulously organized! I’ve extensively worked with contributors, on-screen talent and celebrities alike. I’m a passionate storyteller who’s not afraid of hard-hitting, complex and sensitive stories, while keeping the audience glued to their screens.

Although I started as an editor, crafting stories by wading through mountains of footage, I now write and direct large multi-camera crews plus SFX and CGI through to cost conscious self-shoots.

In the last 18 months I have worked for the BBC, SKY channels and large indies including Renegade Pictures, Twofour Broadcast and October Films.

Long form examples on DVD and password locked URLs, available on request.

USA i-visa until November 2016.

Programme development:

I very much enjoy the process of development from inception to completion. I relish the formative stages of a new series when the idea is being hewn from a combination of thoughts, opinions and rushes.

Previous jobs have concentrated on development, including converting ActionTime/Carlton’s gameshows including Catchphrase and Spellbound and into on-line competitive experiences.

I have a number of personal projects “on-the-go”, from television entertainment through to documentary, radio, multi-media, and even stand-up sketches and routines for stage. It might seem rather diverse, but strangely enough, it’s all storytelling. I feel the more varied it is, the richer and more fun the end experience.


I love cinema and some of the TV drama serials. Although I’m a full voting BAFTA member, I still regularly pay my dues at the local cinemas, plus watching catch-up or DVDs/Blu-rays. Which has the knock-on need for more shelving for my ever expanding film library. Then there’s my complete collection of Giles cartoon annuals, which captivatingly capture British life all the way back to 1939.

Friend of The Royal Academy of Arts and The Phoenix Cinema in East Finchley, North London.

CPD – Continuing Professional Development:

Producing, Directing, Writing, and Editing, with BBC Academy, BBC Fast Train, Patrick Uden, Robert McKee, Blake Snyder,  John Truby, Euroscript & Soho Editors. Plus camera training from  specialist equipment hire companies.

Continuous “on the job” experience  passed down from the fantastic and knowledgable series and exec producers and directors I’m fortunate to work with on recent projects.

BBC Safe Management of Production 2013, passport number 4774.
BBC Safeguarding Trust, 2013: Dilemmas in TV (v1), Factual TV (v2), Factual Drama (v1), Observational Documentaries (v1)