Trouble entertains underground train rescue.

Rebecca Knapp’s cute dog Trouble entertains the passengers of a stranded underground train before emergency aid workers are able the rescue and evacuate the train.

Footage captured on my iPhone on Tuesday 5th July 2016 and shown on BBC 1 London News the following day.  Also got into the BBC’s top watched news items too!

NB – following the screening, requests for Trouble to star on Britain’s Got Talent have been gracefully refused!

– Over the next few days the story rolled out into the online newspapers:



A postcode is applied to a communal park bench in order to help the homeless.

Back in the news; despite this short film being made a number of years ago, it’s message is depressingly still relevant. Based on a true story, it was made for the UK charity “Crisis” in an attempt to draw attention to some of the ridiculous situations the homeless find themselves in. Alas, their plight still continues.