Obsession: Dark Desires (series 2)

WRITER & DIRECTOR: Scripted full dialogue drama supported by core interview – 2 x 46’

Interviewing, dramatizing, and then directing. The awe inspiring real-life stories of two American citizens, as they became targets for other people’s obsessions. Interweaving their pain, emotions, hopes and desires into a roller coaster ride of prime time television that shows them battling their adversaries to a heart-wrenching finale.

Marc’s story

When New York attorney Mac successfully defends a client, he has no idea that her gratitude will soon become a nightmare. As a talented impersonator, Marc’s ex-client causes chaos and suffering in a terrifying mission to win his affection.

The films are a 80/20 mix of full dialogue scripted drama to single core interview.

Premiered on Discovery ID, USA, March 3, 2015.

Heather’s story

After coffee kiosk worker Heather hires Arturo, she starts to date him, but discovers a darker angrier side which frequently erupts. He becomes infatuated with her at the expense of his job and the relationship. She dumps him, and his infatuation overcomes him to seek revenge by shooting her with 7 bullets: one bullet for each month since they parted.

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