Short dramas


A postcode is applied to a communal park bench in order to help the homeless.

Back in the news; despite this short film being made a number of years ago, it’s message is depressingly still relevant. Based on a true story, it was made for the UK charity “Crisis” in an attempt to draw attention to some of the ridiculous situations the homeless find themselves in. Alas, their plight still continues.


This was more of an experiment than a short film.
Armed with a GoPro camera left over from a previous shoot; how to transform this resilient little camera that moves in and out of water into a character.
Well, turn it into a goldfish of course. Written in a morning, shot in an afternoon. Add Timothy Spall to voice and serve at The Cannes Film Festival.

Another Green World

Patsy Palmer features in this short about a woman living in London and wishing to live in “Another Green World” of the countryside – so comes up with a novel solution.
Multi award winning short

Isabelle Goes Hunting: The Restaurant

Comic Ruth Bratt brilliantly plays the earnest and naive Isabelle, who looks in vain for Mr Right.
First in a series of six films.
Shown on Dating Direct On-line.